Regular prayers without ceasing is a must for you

The significance of regular prayers without ceasing in our lives cannot be overemphasized. You know, Jesus said that men ought always to pray and not to faint. He told us to pray. Jesus prayed. The apostles prayed. We must pray because prayer is important.

prayers without ceasing

Why Pray without ceasing?

Prayer is not our idea; it is God’s idea. He knows that it works. He told us to do it. It gives Him the right to do what He would not do if you did not pray. As such, we must pray without ceasing. Prayer does not change God, but it positions you in a situation where He can respond to you in a way that He would not do otherwise. So, it is our responsibility to pray.

Are prayers answered?

God taught us and instructed us to pray because He intended to answer us. The greatest part of prayer is not the prayer itself. It is God’s response that truly matters irrespective of what we have said, sang or shouted in prayer. It does not matter what we asked for if He did not answer. If He did not respond, then it meant nothing. What God told us is that He will always hear us. He told us that we have His ear. Every time we pray, we have God’s ear. Thus, prayers are answered.

prayers without ceasing

Why prayers without ceasing are important?

In the presence of God in prayer, your faith rises. It rises to the surface. It rises to the top. What you thought was impossible suddenly becomes possible to you in the place of prayer. Your boldness stands strong. Outside prayer, you will be weak. You will feel weak. You will think weak, but in the presence of the spirit of God in prayer, you are strengthened. Those things that seemed impossible will look cheap to you and be possible. All this shows why you must have regular prayers without ceasing.  If you are wondering how to start praying without ceasing, I recommend you to join the Pastor Chris Live Prayer Network, where followers of the man of God, Pastor Chris are guided in succinct prayer points  to pray at specific times of the day on a regular basis. Stay blessed.

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